FAS TAG Apply Online for Cash Less Toll Payment

National Highway Authority India (NHAI) introduced and operated an electronic toll collection system in India is called FASTAG. This FASTAG is working a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to make toll payments. It means who toll payment paid through FASTAG payment directly credit to toll owner account. This FASTAG fixed on widescreen of four wheeler and to drive through toll plazas.

Toll amount automatically deducted with help of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology without stopping for cash transactions which help to save time, traffic and fuel. This tag is easily purchase at official tag issuers or any other public/private banks. After purchasing FASTAG it is to recharge as per requirement. Validity is unlimited and 7.5% cash back offers also provided by banks to promote use of FASTAG. Government of India has been built dedicated lanes at toll plazas for FASTAG.

This system was initially introduced in 2014 at Mumbai and Ahmadabad for trailing purpose. In 2014 for month of November FASTAG system was implemented in DELHI-MUMBAI. In 2015 NHAI starting FASTAG payments at Chennai Bangalore. In 2016 FASTAG payments accepted 247 toll plazas on National Highways across India. After successful FASTAG system, Minister of Road and Transport and Highways has introduced FASTAG system necessary to all over India from 15th December 2019.

How does FASTAG Works?

FASTAG is very simple that and works with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. This system can made toll payments directly from FASTAG wallet which linked to bank saving account to owner of toll plaza account without facing any problems and SMS alert is received for all transactions. SMS alert given information that how much amount deducted and how much money balance is available in FASTAG wallet. FASTAG fixed in widescreen of car screen and tag works automatically when cross toll plaza without wasting of time. This facility is introduced by government of India from 15th January 2019. Further it is very useful to using FASTAG that without carry cash and pay and cash transaction at toll plazas and move quickly without line.

FASTAG works very smoothly and not facing any problems to using FASTAG. This is very useful for every four wheeler owners. This FASTAG applying process is very simple and minimum documentation. FASTAG is available in off line and online Mode like PAYTM, Amazon. If any wants FASTAG they will order to online through Amazon also. Pay amount of Rs.500/- and use FASTAG. Rs.200/- is deposited as security deposited which is refundable when FASTAG is cancelled. Rs.300/-is your balance. This FASTAG is rechargeable wallet with follow simple instruction as per issuing agency from debit card and credit card.

FASTAG is an electronic toll device pasted in vehicle to drive through toll plazas without stopping and toll amount automatically deducted with help of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology  system. Amount will be deposited to owner of toll plaza account from FASTAG wallet. All customers of vehicles are mandatory for applying FASTAG without delay. FASTAG give many discounts like cash back officer and many more. Apply of FASTAG is very simple process from any private/public sector bank. If any vehicle owner is not having FASTAG and cross FASTAG double payment will be paid at toll plazas. So immediately apply FASTAG and utilize benefits for using FASTAG.