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Traveling is super fun but waiting at toll plazas while travelling absolutely not. Can this become smarter, faster and nonstop of course with PAYTM Fas tag. PAYTM gave the opportunity to be a part of NHAIs National electronic toll collection FASTAG project. FASTAG is very simple rechargeable tag which enables automatic payment of toll charges and lets you past through the toll plaza without stopping for the cash transactions.

Since our association with FASTAG PAYTM successfully captured significant market share crossing move of 5 lakhs users less than a year and scanning more than 1 lakh vehicles per day at 400 toll plazas. FASTAG provides convince and comport to consumers in soft way. No more waiting long vehicles Q as FASTAG enables the user to ZIP through the toll plaza through the dedicated FASTAG lanes.

More over PAYTM payments bank FASTAG benefits the users by loving them to easily load money into PAYTM without paying any additional cost. Further there is no need add to money individually for different fakers making the toll receipt readily available in the PAYTM application prompting users through SMS for all types of toll transaction providing easy activation and deactivation operating on the PAYTM application.

Steps to apply for PAYTM Fastag in Mobile app:

  • Go to PAYTM website or PAYTM application
  • Open menu and click on FASTAG and toll
  • click buy FASTAG option
  • Enter the vehicle Number
  • Upload the RC book
  • Upload latest clear photograph.
  • Enter any promo code to avail cash back
  • Enter the postal or permanent address
  • Click on buy now and pay the amount of Rs.400/-
  • FASTAG will be delivered with in 15 days.


  • Open the PAYTM application
  • Enter login details like user id and password
  • Click on add money
  • Add the money as per requirement
  • Then click pay button
  • Use credit card or debit card or any internet banking
  • The amount added to your FASTAG wallet without any problems

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