Fastag Uses Benefits Helpline Numbers for Support & Queries

FASTAG is very useful to cross toll plaza. But while using FASTAG many questions rising at time of applying and after purchase. We are seeing that what questions expecting rising to use FASTAG and what advantages/disadvantages are facing to using FASTAG are given below. These benefits are fully utilized for all Indian citizens who carry FASTAG. FASTAG usage very simple and it works Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology which helps to cross toll plaza with wasting time. This facility is available in all toll plazas across India. Government of India introduces FASTAG from 15th December 2019.

  1. Easy to apply
  2. Simple documentation.
  3. Valid for 5 years
  4. Security deposit is refundable.
  5. Online rechargeable like debit card or credit card
  6. Minimum Rs.100/- to one Lakh as per requirement
  7. Discount available up to 10% depends on issuing agency banks.
  8. No need to carry cash
  9. No stop at toll plaza
  10. No cash payment is required
  11. Sms alerts for every transaction.
  12. Save time
  13. Save fuel
  14. Environment benefits like reduce use of paper
  15. Using FASTAG all over India
  16. Monthly pass will be introduced by Government as early as possible
  17. If any having two vehicles separate FASTAG required.
  18. Easy cancellation process.
  19. Apply only one FASTAG for one vehicle
  20. If damaged FASTAG immediately contact to issuing agency for new one.


FASTAG is introduced by government of India which benefits are utilized by all citizens of India. If any problems facing by using FASTAG or any other problems immediately contact to customer care of issuing agency and rectified same for further using FASTAG.  All issuing agencies are very well talk to customers and solve their problems immediately.

ICICI BANK 1860 210 0104
AXIS BANK 1800 103 5577
SBI BANK 1800 110 0183
HDFC BANK 1800 120 1243
KARUR VYSYA BANK 1800 102 1916
IDFC BANK 1800 266 9970

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