FASTAG Faq – Frequently Asked Questions about FASTag

Here we providing some of queries related FASTAG these all may help you to sort out questions to how to buy, recharge, payment options related questions. Also get information about different ways of getting FASTAG purchase methods from different banks, various banks terms and conditions to obtain a new fresh FASTAG for your all type of vehicles like car, jeep, bus, heavy load containers and multi-axial category load vehicle …etc

These are some of queries from visitors asked in our website for your information we are uploading here as follows

What is FASTAG?

FASTAG is a device which is used Radio Frequency Identification technology that uses to drive through all toll plazas without stopping for cash transactions if you affixed this sticker on windscreen as soon as you reach toll it will automatically deduct from your bank account or from wallet balance.

Why FASTAG is it mandatory for drive through toll Plazas?

It helps you to save your valuable time at toll plazas, for example while on highways at toll plazas you may see mostly there is queue line for toll fees like cash transactions everyone must pay toll think that for suppose 10 to vehicles are there how much time it will take to complete each and every vehicle to pay in cash mode. To avoid this delay and make environment safe by reducing pollution at toll plazas one only technology which is developed and introduced by NHAI is FASTAG only.

How to buy FASTAG from banks, I have account in SBI?

Dear customer for obtaining or buying FASTAG you may visit banks or online portals of wallet like paytm, amazon.

For SBI bank or any other bank they providing you FASTAG not only few banks NPCI provides nearly 20 plus banks in cities and rural areas, for any bank FASTAG you may visit their branch or call customer care numbers provided by banks in our website 22 banks toll free numbers are there you may have a look at once.

What are benefits of FASTAG usage?

Time saving – no need to wait until before vehicle clear toll payment

Easy payment – not require to pay via cash if you have FASTAG on windscreen

Online portal – customer have an online account for all information like wallet balance and recharge options

Recharge make easy – you can recharge online via net banking, debit cards, credit cards payment methods

Sms facility – for each and every transaction customer gets sms alerts to their registered mobile number.

Cashback – customer get cashback for using FASTAG as per NPCI

Cashback for 1st two years is as follows

For 2018- 19 –5%

For 2019 – 20 – 2.5%

Getting cashback is subject to change as per NPCI/NHAI time to time.

Why toll rates are vary from vehicle to vehicle?

All vehicles are categorized for welfare of road users, toll charge is based on size of vehicle and wait carrying making damage to roads also type of usage i.e commercial or personal.

Can I have one FASTAG for two vehicles?

As per guidelines of NPCI /NHAI one FASTAG can be used for only one vehicle which is linked or registered with their vehicle registration number.

What is min distance between two toll plazas in highways?

As per rule declared by NHAI distance between two adjacent toll plazas is 60km

I’m living near to hdfc bank can I apply for new FASTAG if I don’t have any account with bank?

Yes of course you can do it without opening any account with bank for this information need to contact toll free or else visit bank

Can I recharge my FASTAG wallet by cash mode of payment?

Yes you can do it nearest point of sale locations (POS) to recharge your tag.

If I lost my tag can I get it re issued and what are charges?

Yes you can opt for applying re issue of lost or damaged or tampered FASTAG

chargeable amount is 200 Indian rupees.

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